Floatation therapy in Hertfordshire.


Whether you are a returning floater looking to restore harmony once again or a new user looking to experience what the hype about floatation tanks is all about; it’s our privilege to guide you into the very heart of relaxation.

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What is floating?

Floatation Therapy is not a new phenomenon, in fact people have been making pilgrimages to the Dead Sea for centuries, attracted to experience the healing properties of the salt water. In recognition of the immense health benefits that such an environment can offer, this experience is now emulated by Floatation Centres across the world.

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Our state of the art floatation tank is located at Create Your Beauty Salon in Watford, the link below will take you to the booking page on the Create Your Beauty website.

Have any questions?

Floating involves lying back in our floatation room and entering a deep state of relaxation but perhaps you have some more questions so feel free to read through some commonly asked questions and answers.

Let your mind drift away.

The brain uses a lot of power to deal with the huge strain that lifeplaces on the body. In a floatation tank, your body is totally supported and you feel weightless. So because there is little for your brain to do, every muscle can fully relax. With no commands needing to be sent out, activity in the logical side of the brain slows down until it synchronises with the creative side.

This will leave you in a dream-like state, similar to that experienced just before you go to sleep. In this state, the brain releases vast amounts of endorphins, a ‘feel good’ chemical. While the state of relaxation may be deep and profound, your brain will stay dreamily alert. To get technical, the brain gradually shifts from its usual alpha state to generate theta waves.

This is the state of mind that Buddhist monks try to reach through hours of meditation and years of training. And you can achieve this in just a few minutes using floatation!

More information on floating

Escape the outside world

Floating has also been referred to as sensory deprivation, which can sound a little daunting and we understand for many clients it can be difficult to let go and fully relax the first time they float. It’s a unique experience – rarely do we get such peace and tranquillity – it takes time to get used to such a luxury. We recommend that clients try floating on three separate occasions to fully feel the benefits of the experience.

Some choose to float to aid physical illness or injury whilst others use the opportunity to immerse themselves in a meditative state, connecting with their inner-self to improve their spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Our customers range from 18 to 80 and come from all walks of life. There’s no ‘typical’ floating client. The array of health and wellbeing benefits draw in clients for many different reasons. We’ve seen arthritis sufferers, pregnant women and sports people who all enjoy the practical therapeutic healing properties of the salt. We also see a variety of clients who come simply to enjoy the relaxing wellbeing benefits of floating, as their stresses are relieved as they escape the treadmill of daily life.

For more information on the floating experience please see our FAQ page or take a look at some of the benefits of floating.

Happy floaters.

"I’ve floated at about half a dozen places over the last decade. Float Free is without a doubt the best float experience I’ve had."


Chris S

"I was not sure how I would like it, but we both very much enjoyed it. I felt relaxed all day and well into the the next few days. We would definitely go again."


David. H

"My husband and I did our first float tonight and it was amaaaazing – more relaxing than we ever imagined! Staff was very friendly and genuinely cared about our experience there… it was very clean and we are definitely going back for another float!"


Sarah. P

"After years of restlessness and sleepless night my nervous system seems to have finally escaped being in constant state of fight or flight."


Lauren. W