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What is floatation therapy?

Not a new phenomenon

Floatation Therapy is not a new phenomenon, in fact people have been making pilgrimages to the Dead Sea for centuries, attracted to experience the healing properties of the salt water. In recognition of the immense health benefits that such an environment can offer, this experience is now emulated by Floatation Centres across the world.

Whilst currently more common in the US, Floatation Therapy is growing in the UK and we are delighted to be able to provide this incredible experience to visitors of our beauty salon, Create Your Beauty in Watford.

How do I float?

Floating involves lying back in our floatation room and entering a deep state of relaxation. The ‘floating’ experience is enabled by a high concentration of Epsom salts which enable you to experience weightlessness and float effortlessly. The salt solution is kept at a temperature that matches your skin’s for maximum comfort.

Escape the outside world

At Create Your Beauty, we want our guests to escape the pressures of the outside world and floatation therapy offers exactly that. With nothing and no-one to invade your senses you can lie back and experience total physical relaxation.

Floating has also been referred to as sensory deprivation, which can sound a little daunting and we understand for many clients it can be difficult to let go and fully relax the first time they float. It’s a unique experience – rarely do we get such peace and tranquillity – it takes time to get used to such a luxury. We recommend that clients try floating on three separate occasions to fully feel the benefits of the experience.

Some choose to float to aid physical illness or injury whilst others use the opportunity to immerse themselves in a meditative state, connecting with their inner-self to improve their spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Who floats?

Our customers range from 18 to 80 and come from all walks of life. There’s no ‘typical’ floating client. The array of health and wellbeing benefits draw in clients for many different reasons. We’ve seen arthritis sufferers, pregnant women and sports people who all enjoy the practical therapeutic healing properties of the salt. We also see a variety of clients who come simply to enjoy the relaxing wellbeing benefits of floating, as their stresses are relieved as they escape the treadmill of daily life.

For more information on the floating experience please see our FAQ page or take a look at some of the benefits of floating.